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Server for Small Business Scenarios

A Zentyal Server for Small Business can not only save you money but can increase your operational and employee efficiencies, providing competitive advantages for your business. We are business technology specialists and leaders in innovative technology. Contact us today and find out how we can make your IT work better for your business.

Typical use scenarios for Zentyal server deployment

Zentyal integration into an existing Active Directory domain structure.
Consider an example where a Zentyal server for small business is deployed into existing Microsoft infrastructure. In this scenario the Zentyal server combined with integrated email server becomes a powerful remote server offering secure LDAP replication. This allows you to continue to administer your users centrally and offer users in the remote location an onsite email store that synchronises with smart phone technology. Previously your employees might have needed to access emails remotely or, even less efficiently, their emails were externally hosted or outsourced. Both of these solutions are slow and cumbersome and can lead to employee frustration and feelings of being undervalued. Using traditional technology to host emails internally would be an expensive proposition and outside the budget of smaller organisations. Zentyal provides all this for a very low cost of ownership. TECHmosis are certified professionals in Zentyal deployment in such scenarios. We have the technical resources to integrate a Zentyal server for small business into your existing infrastructure allowing you to take full advantage of all that Zentyal has to offer.

Zentyal an LDAP Master
In the second scenario Zentyal can be set up as both a LDAP master and LDAP slave. This means that you can run your entire organisation with Zentyal. You can still administer your users centrally and then replicate those changes throughout your entire organisation. Anywhere a Zentyal server for small business is deployed, local email can be made available to your users as well as smart phone synchronisation. With the Zentyal advance services you can set up a secure firewall and encrypted tunnels between sites. Zentyal has also been designed from the ground up with disaster recovery in mind. Zentyal has the unique ability to backup its configuration to the cloud so that server recovery, in even the worst situations, is easy. TECHmosis has the technical skills to deploy Zentyal, the linux small business server, in such scenarios.

Zentyal business deployment
The Third scenario shows Zentyal in a normal use scenario. The business utilises the usual server and network systems such as Firewall, DHCP, DNS, Web Proxy, Email, File & Pinter server and smart phone synchronization. It also makes use of Transparent PROXY server, Remote Access and Instant Messaging. It is also possible to apply complex filtering using the Zentyal proxy server. Zentyal allows you to apply content filtering. Web site restrictions and download restrictions. Take an example where your employees are spending too much time on Facebook or YouTube and are not only using up too much internet bandwidth but are also being unproductive. With Zentyal it is possible to reduce the amount of bandwidth allowed for such activities. Rather than blocking such sites completely it is possible to reduce the amount of network resources that are available for particular internet activities. You may also want to block Peer 2 Peer network activities. With Zentyal this is also possible. For example blocking the download of large files or particular file types is easy with Zentyal. A Zentyal Server allows you to work smarter and be much more flexible than has ever been possible before! If your employees are always on the road it is possible to setup Zentyal so that they can access your internal network resources quickly and securely. Zentyal will also provide email, calendar and contact information direct to your smart phone. Zentyal truly is an excellent and affordable server for small business. Contact TECHmosis today to find out all about how Zentyal can transform your business IT systems.